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Cedar Log Homes
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Monday, October 22, 2012

I always hear "I have always wanted a LOG HOME!"

No matter where I am, if I mention that I have built and sold Cedar Log Homes, the response is always, "I have always wanted a Log Home". 
My question is, why haven't you built one? 
A few common misconceptions are that they require too much maintenance, cost too much, aren't permanent residences, and that they can't get financed. 

A Log Home, aesthetics aside, require the same amount of maintenance as a conventionally built home, they are 40% more energy efficient, are great permanent residences, and cost about the same as any other custom built home.  If you are thinking about a LOG HOME, contact me today at 412-629-0069.  North American Wholesale Cedar Log Homes.  www.nawclh.com

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  1. This log homes looks great and hope to have this kind of house someday. I like the design of this and I am amazed with this.