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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Acting as your own General Contractor

In 16 years, I have only seen one client (out of several hundred) hire a general contractor for their Log Home Construction. When you act as your own General Contractor it doesn't mean that you are at the job site everyday with a tool belt on. It simply means that you are organizing the subcontractors. The savings by acting as your own General Contractor are substantial. I recently was talking with a colleauge about her addition and garage construction. She asked for my help in looking over the estimates from the General Contractor. I was astounded when I saw a fee of contracting fee of 20%. The estimates totalled out at $277,000. The 20% contracting fee was assessed to that number. An additional $54,000.00! If you are considering a Log Home and want to act as your own General Contractor, we at North American Wholesale Cedar Log Homes can assist you in doing so. We offer on-site technical assistance. Local Subcontractors who are insured and registered. Breakdowns of timelines, schedules, and costs. We guide you every step of the way! Save that $54,000 and chose NORTH AMERICAN WHOLESALE CEDAR LOG HOMES! Call today at 1-866-933-5647. Visit us at www.nawclh.com or follow us on Facebook!

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