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Cedar Log Homes
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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Most consumers are led to believe that there is a magic formula for calculating the cost of building their New Log Home. Multipliers and formula's do not work! The only accurate way to price out a house is to start from the bottom up.

NORTH AMERICAN WHOLESALE CEDAR LOG HOMES provides a complete cost breakdown for ALL of its customers. We start by accurately depicting what is in the Custom Log Home Package and what is not. Then we show you, the consumer, what every facet of your home will cost. We ask you what types of finishes you would like to use so there can be an accurate price given to those finishes. For example, granite countertops cost more than formica countertops. If you would like to build a CEDAR LOG HOME, but don't know where to begin, let us at NORTH AMERICAN WHOLESALE CEDAR LOG HOMES help you get started. Call today toll FREE at 1-866-933-5647 or visit our website at www.nawclh.com

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